to put on

to give a piece of one’s mind

to realise

to run away



to injure





to be depressed

to pass a test (an exam)


instead of


to give a lift

to witness a crime


To escort


to spend on




to bother

to wear a seat-belt




A. Pattern: The weather isn't warm today. We won’t go hiking. – If the weather were/was warm today, we would go hiking.

1. He doesn’t know us well. He won’t invite us. 2.We don’t like chicken. We won’t buy it. 3. I’m not cold. I won’t put on a sweater. Dave doesn’t smoke. He won’t take cigarettes. 5. She doesn’t like ballet. She won’t go to the ballet house with us. 6. He doesn’t know my cousin. He won’t meet her at the sta-tion. 7. She doesn’t like coffee. She never buys it. 8. He doesn’t read English books in the original. He won’t improve his English. 9. He doesn’t try to save money. He won't travel in summer. 10. I have no appetite. I won’t take more meat. 11. They are not here. 1 won’t talk to them. 12. It isn’t windy today. We won’t fly a kite. 13. Mary doesn’t earn much. She doesn’t buy anything new. 14. Jane hasn’t got a VCR. She doesn’t watch many films.

В. Pattern: He knows the town very well. He often shows strangers about it. – If he didn't know the town so well, he wouldn't show strangers about it.

1. Betty is fond of reading. She has so many books at home. 2. He lives near the University. It takes him ten minutes to get there. 3. The weather is nasty. We’ll stay indoors. 4. He earns a lot of money. He travels a lot. 5. Dan has got a dog. He knows much about dogs. 6. Bell has got a lot of free time. She watches TV three hours a day. 7. Chris lives far from his office. He gets up very early. 8. He is a very interesting person. I always enjoy talking to him. 9. This book is very useful. I want to buy it. 10. I like this film. I’ll buy the cassette. 11. I think the play will be interesting. I’ll go to the theatre. 12. The plant is going to close down. Many people will be out of work, 13. The road is repaired. It will take us less time to get home. 14. We are moving into a new flat. We won’t have to spend so much time on going to work.

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