к.р. по ин.яз 1 курс 2 семестр

Контрольная работа по дисциплине «Иностранный язык» 1 курс 2 семестр для направления 38.03.02 «Менеджмент»

Тема 1: Let's talk about films


Exercise 1. Ответьте на следующие вопросы (воспользуйтесь словарем, если это необходимо).

Do you like to go to the cinema?

What is your favorite cinema?

What films do you like?

Who is your favorite actor or actress? 

Exercise 2. Прочтите слова   и разместите их в алфавитном порядке.  Выучить слова!

act in a film - сниматься в фильме

cinema - кинотеатр

film - фильм

feature film - художественный фильм

screen - экран

stage - сцена

cast - состав исполнителей

exciting - волнующий

thrilling - захватывающий

enjoy - наслаждаться

be on - идти (на сцене) 
theatre - театр

matinee - дневное представление

circus - цирк

performance - театральное представление, исполнение

show - представление, зрелищное мероприятие

perform - исполнять, играть

foyer - фойе театра

stalls - партер

pit - амфитеатр

music - музыка

box - ложа

dress-circle - бельэтаж

balcony - балкон

piece of music - музыкальное произведение

classics - классика 

Exercise 3. Какой это фильм?

1. Some cowboys rob a train. ______________

2. A dead person comes back to life. __________

3. James Bond saves the world. _____________

4. Tom tries to catch Jerry. _______________

5. There are lots of songs and dancing. ___________

6. An ancient vase was stolen from the museum. ___________ 

Exercise 4. Ответьте на вопросы.

1. Name one science fiction film you have seen.

2. Who is your favorite film star?

3. Do you like thrillers? Can you name one?

4. What is your favorite cartoon? 


Exercise 5. Прочитайте текст и переведите на русский язык.



There are some theatres in Krasnoyarsk and they are all very popular with the public. Theatre lovers don't miss any new performance at the theatres. Both children and grown-ups like to go to the Puppet Theatre and to the Circus. Those who are fond of music go to the Opera and Ballet Theatre and to the Philharmonic.

Personally I like Drama Theatre named after Pushkin and Theatre of Music Comedy. If I want to go to an evening show I usually book tickets in advance. But for matinee performances I always buy tickets just before the show.

There are many talented actors and actresses in our country. My favourite actor is O. Yankovsky. He played the leading parts in many films and I always enjoy his superb acting. Also there are a lot of cinemas in Krasnoyarsk. A lot of people got there every day. You may not only see film at the cinema but spend wonderful evening with your friends after or before the film. You sit at the cafe or even go to the restaurant and you needn't go out of the cinema.

When I want to go to the cinema I usually see in the programme what films are on. Then I phone my friends and we discuss what films to see. We prefer feature films but also enjoy cartoons and popular science films. To see a good love story, musical or detective film is a very pleasant way of spending free time.

The film I saw last was the screen version of the novel Gone with the Wind by M. Mitchel. This film is in colour. It's an old film but still it enjoys great popularity. There are many famous American actors in it with Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable in the leads. I was deeply impressed by their acting and the film itself. 


Exercise 6. Ответьте на вопросы:

1. Do you like to go to the theatre?

2. How often do you go there?

3. What theatres are there in Krasnoyarsk?

4. Which is more popular today - the theatre or the cinema? Why?

5. When did you go to the theatre last?

6. What play did you see? Was it a success?

7. Who played in it?

8. Who was the author of the play?

9. Where were you sitting? 

Exercise 7. Приготовьте пересказ текста «THEATRES AND CINEMAS OF KRASNOYARSK», только замените необходимые предложения на личную информацию.



Тема 2: Eating Out

Exercise 1. Прочитайте и выучите слова:

1. to eat out - питаться вне дома

2. to go out - пойти куда-нибудь

3. to order - заказать

4. to offer - предложить

5. to have something light - взять что-то легкое

6. hearty meal - здоровая, обильная еда

7. the main course - второе (главное) блюдо

8. the dessert - десерт

9. to give one's order - сделать заказ

10. to pay a bill - оплатить счет

11. to tip - давать чаевые

12. to have a quick lunch - быстро пообедать

13. to sit by the window - сидеть у окна 

Exercise 2. Повторите в грамматическом справочнике §4,5,6 и переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. I would like something to eat.

2. I would like to have something light today.

3. We would like to sit by the window.

4. We would like a table for two.

5. Please, bring the menu.

6. What would you recommend?

7. Please, take my order.

8. Please, bring me a bottle of mineral water.

9. What special dishes do you have?

10. What national dishes do you have?

11. How would you like to pay?

12. I would like to pay cash or by credit card.

13. I would like ice-cream for desert. 

Exercise 3. Прочтите в грамматическом справочнике об образовании простого настоящего времени §7 и расскажите о своем обычном посещении кафе или ресторана, используя вопросы.

1. When do you usually eat out?

2. Where do you go to it out?

3. What is your favorite café or restaurant located?

4. Where is your favorite place in a café?

5. What dishes do you usually order?

6. What do you usually have for desert?

7. What do usually drink in a café or restaurant?

8. Do you prefer meat or fish for the main course?

9. How do you usually pay-cash or by credit card? 

Exercise 4. Прочитайте и переведите текст. 


My friend Ann and I go to the restaurant on Sundays. As a rule we are hungry and order a hearty meal.

Usually I order mushroom or chicken soup, and my friend orders ox-tail soup or vegetable soup. Very often we ask for freshly baked Italian bread or Russian rye-bread. For the main course as a rule I have meat dishes, such as roast-beef, steamed rissoles or pork chop. As for my friend, she prefers fish dishes, that is why she orders stuffed pike, sturgeon in jelly or fish assorty.

For a drink we have lemonade or mineral water. If we go to the restaurant in the evening, we choose dry white wine or champagne.

Then comes dessert. We have fruit or ice-cream, coffee or tea. After paying the bill we go for a walk because it is very useful after a hearty meal. 


Exercise 5. Приготовьте и расскажите о посещении кафе или ресторана (минимум 15 предложений).


Тема 3: My University

Exercise 1. Прочитайте и выучите слова:


Russian University – Российский университет

to be going to find – собираться найти

head office – головной офис

leader in the educational field – лидер в области образования

scientific and research sphere – научно-исследовательская область

agricultural products – сельскохозяйственные продукты

to be located – располагаться

to train specialists – обучать специалистов

affiliate, branch – филиал

experimental plotэкспериментальный участок


one of the leaders – один из лидеров

among the agrarian universities – среди аграрных университетов

the international activities – международная деятельность

agreements with foreign countries – соглашения с зарубежными странами

to conduct different conferences – проводить различные конференции

round-table discussionsобсуждения за круглым столом

role-games – ролевые игры

foreign specialists – зарубежные специалисты

to take part – принимать участие

to train studentsобучать студентов

to perfect knowledge in foreign languagesсовершенствовать знания иностранных языков

to have on-the-job training – проходить производственную практику

Institute of international management and education - ИММО


Exercise 2. Прочитайте и переведите текст. 

Text: My university

Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University is a federal state budget organization. It is located in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The University is headed by the Rector. He is elected for 5 years by the meeting of the working body. Directly under him there are 7 Vice-Rectors (Pro-Rectors). They are subordinated to the Rector. Each of them is responsible for one direction of the university activity. There are several divisions in the University. There are 18 institutes in the University; each of them is headed by the director. 74 chairs organize educational, scientific and innovation activity.

Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university is one of the best Russian Universities. The University trains specialists in the agrarian sphere-Bachelors, Masters and specialists. It also produces some agricultural products at the experimental plot “Minderlinskoye”. The University is one of the market leaders in the educational, scientific and research field. The Head Office is located in Krasnoyarsk, Mira Avenue, 90. It has some other buildings which are located in the area of Vetluzhanka. The University has some affiliates in Krasnoyarsk region. It is going to find some new partners abroad.

Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university is one of the leaders among the agrarian universities in Russia in the field of the international activities. Today it has 29 agreements with foreign countries. Among them there are Bulgaria, China, Slovenia, Hungary, France, and others. The University conducts different conferences, meetings, round-table discussions, role-games in which many foreign specialists take part. The University trains foreign and Russian students.

The University students have a good chance to perfect knowledge in foreign languages. Due to that the University students go to foreign countries to have their on-the-job training and to perfect their knowledge of English. The University also invites foreign lecturers, bachelor and master-degree students from foreign universities to give lectures on the system of economy, education, traditions in foreign countries. If our students want to continue education abroad, they can get the European supplement to their diploma.


Exercise 3. Answer the questions:

1) Is your University Russian or American?

2) What specialists do you train?

3) Where is your Head Office located?

4) What products does your company produce?

5) Your University is the market leader, isn’t it?

6) How many branches do you have?

7) What are your plans for the future?

8) Is your University state or private?

9) Is it located in Russia or Great Britain?

10) Is it headed by the Rector or the President?

11) For what period is he elected?

12) How many Vice-Rectors are subordinated to him?

13) How many institutes are there in the University?

14) By whom are the institutes headed?



Exercise 4. False or true according to the information of the text?

Образец: 1. The University invites only Bachelors to give lectures.- It is false. The University invites foreign lecturers, bachelor and master-degree students from foreign universities to give lectures.

2. The University students have a chance to have on-the-job training broad.- It is true.

1) The University is an American company.

2) The University trains specialists for the medicine.

3) The University trains only Bachelors for the agriculture.

4) The Head Office of the University is located in Ocean City.

5) The University has only one building in Vetluzhanka.

6) The University isn’t going to develop.

7) The University is one of the market leaders in Russia.

8) The University is a private entity.

9) The University is headed by the President.

10) The Rector is elected for 4 years.

11) Vice-Rectors are responsible for the directions of the development.

12) Scientific research is not conducted in the University.

13) There are 18 Institutes in the University, aren’t there?

14) The chairs don’t organize the innovative activity.


Exercise 5. Приготовьте пересказ текста «My University».

Задания по грамматике

Exercise 1. Употребите данные существительные во множественном числе:

Story, play, glass, flag, photo, name, match, knife, bush, chief, page, roof, prize, set, key, factory, wolf, piano, class, cup, city, child, goose, man, mouse, woman, sheep, deer, tooth, ox, fellow-worker, merry-go-round, sister-in-law, forget-me-not, governor-general.

Exercise 2. Употребите существительное в скобках во множественном числе.
Our two … are crying all the time. (baby).

2. These potatoes weigh five … . (kilo)

3. I don’t like going by car. If I have a chance, I always go on … . (foot)

4. It is rather dangerous to walk on … after the rain. (roof)

5. … are flowers of life. (child)

6. … in our house are so annoying. We definitely need a cat. (mouse)

7. My little son is afraid of grey … (волчков) that come at night. (wolf)

8. The naughty kid likes throwing rotten … at passers-by. (tomato)
What do you need these … for? (box)

Exercise 3. Употребите глагол to be в нужной форме.

1. Theremany people in the room.

2. There … some interesting reports at the conference tomorrow.
3. There … a book, two pencils and a notebook in my bag

4. There … a cat under my bed two hours ago.

5. There … a nice film on TV this evening. It is an American thriller.
6. There … lots of toys in my child’s room.

7. There … no clouds in the sky.

8. There … so many rules to remember in English grammar.

9. There
only one child in the family.

10. There … a long break at 2 o’clock last week.

Exercise 4. Употребите местоимения some, any.

1. Would you like … chocolate cake?

2. I’m going to buy … clothes.

3. I haven’t eaten … chocolate today.

4. Can I have … coffee, please?

5. There aren’t … pubs in my village.

6. I have … money.

7. I’m lazy. I don’t do … exercises.

8. Bob and Mary don’t have … children.

9. Are there … letters for me? No, there aren’t … letters for you.

10. Where can I buy … flowers?

Exercise 5. Употребите местоимения производные от some, any.

1. He lives … near here.

2. … fell on the floor in the kitchen.

3. … from the Department of Education is here.

4. There is … in what he says.

5. They knew … about it.

6. I want to tell you …

7. I saw this man … .

8. Have you read … by Oscar Wilde?

9. Would you like … to drink?


Exercise 6. Употребите правильный разряд местоимений.

1. I don’t like this friend of …

2. I want my magazine back. Please give it to …

3. We know their names, but they don’t know …

4. My textbook is at home today. Will you, please, give me …?

5. Where is Jane? I want to talk to … .

6. Jim doesn’t read English books. Do you read … ?

7. We have a large garden. Do you know where … garden is?

8. Where are the keys? I can’t find … .

9. Do you know this man? – Yes, I work with … .



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