к.р. вар.3

Контрольная работа №2.

Вариант 3.


1. Дополните предложения глаголами в страдательном залоге, переведите предложения.

1.Apples (grow) everywhere . 2. This museum (open) in 1967. 3. The new road (build) in 2 years. 4. This topic (discuss) last lesson. 5. New Olympic Games(hold) in Korea. 6. Hockey (play) in winter.

2. Выберите нужную форму глагола, предложения переведите.

1. Her father (offered/was offered) her a new job.

2. The boy (is translated/ translates) the text.

3. This word (uses/is used) in a different meaning.

4. He (study/studies) many subjects at the University.

5. A new law (discussed/was discussed) last Monday.

6. The conference (will hold/will be held) next year.

7. A lot of people (visits/will visit) Moscow next July.

8. Your hair (grows/is grown) every minute.


3. Дополните предложения соответствующими модальными глаголами, предложения переведите.


1. They (must/were able to) finish the report now.

1. I (had / must) to help in the garden last weekend.

2. (Should/ may) I come in?

3. They (may/ will be allowed) to rewrite the test next lesson.

4. Must he send this letter on Monday? – No, he (needn’t/ must not).

5. (Could/ shall) you pass the salt?

6. I (will be able/ may) to rent a flat next year.


4. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы с частицей to (где необходимо). Предложения переведите.

1. We (have) measure the square of the room. 2. We mustn’t (be) late. 3. She could (drive) a car at the age of 19. 4. The match was (start) at 6 p.m. 5. You may (take) my book. 6. They should (be) very careful.

7. Dave has broken his leg, but he will be allowed (walk) in 3 weeks.




5. Перепишите предложения в прошедшем и будущем времени.

1. She must learn the text by heart. 2. They may live in our house. 3. She can use my computer.


Reading. 1. Read and translate the advertisement.




3. Complete the sentences with the words below, translate the sentences.