ПЕРЕВЕДИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!! Fictional character Pavel Andreievich Chekhov first appeared on TV in 1967 during the second

ПЕРЕВЕДИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!! Fictional character Pavel Andreievich Chekhov first appeared on TV in 1967 during the second season o' the science fiction

series Star Trek. Despite being on TV tor a short time (from 1966-69), the senes was a hit and still has many fans today , 40 years after its creafron Star Trek led to ten feature films, an animateo senes. novels and comic books. So why was it so popular and why did they need a Russian star? Executive Producer Gene Roddenberry decided to introduce a character with youth appeal', that is to say a character young people could understand. Best known as the young, enthusiastic navigator on board the starship Enterprise. Chekhov hao a haircut similar to one of The Monkees (a very popular pop group in the USA at that time). But he certainly was no Amencan' He was a proud Russian with a thick accent and had the surname of the famous Russian playwright. Actor Walter Koenig played the role, an American with Lithuanian Russian parents. We can view the character of Chekhov as symbolic one introduced to present a better world. Created in the 1960s during the Cold War the series was set in a very different time - in the 23 century. There was a rumour that the Russians themselves came up with the idea of including a Russian character, writing an article in Pravda criticising the absence of a Russian in the series One thing is sure - it made sense to have a Russian on board as the Soviet Union was one of the leaders n space exploration. Other characters of the multinational crew included Scotty (of Scottish heritage) Sulu (from Japan), Uhura (from Africa) and Spock. the half-human, part alien (Vulcan). All were on the same mission To explore new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilisations, to boldly go where no man has gone beforeas the series states in its opening. Chekhov and the crew certainly five through many exciting adventu es. mysterious illnesses, capture by aliens, time travel - even romance. In the course of the two series we get to know Chekhov quite well. We see that he has many positive qualities he is young, good-looking and has a good sense of humour. He regularly jokes (and boasts) about Russia's achievements. He even claims in one programme that the fairy tale Cinderella came from Russia! However, he himself was less lucky in love. While training at the Academy in the 2260s Chekhov had a romance with another Russian, Irina Galliulin. But their characters were too different (Irina criticised Chekhov for being too rigid) and disappointment followed. Chekhov's character develops in the programme and he begins to take on some of the traits of the ship's captain, Captain James T Kirk. We understand that he has strong principles and can pay close attention to detail. He is also a loyal member of the team. As a result he is able to work himself up the ranks, working first as a junior officer, then as navigator. In the first Star Trek film he becomes lieutenant; in the second he is the commander on another spaceship, The USS Reliant. In this film Chekhov's character is severely tested. Villain Khan Noonien Singh puts eels inside Chekhov's head in attempt to control his brain. However, our hero recovers and lives to fight another battle. The character's final appearance takes place in the year 2293 when he is a guest on board a new ship called Enterprise S. Another ship, The USS Chekhov, was named in his honour, but is destroyed at the Battle of Wolf 359. But the Star Trek legend lives on. Trekkies' or Trekkers' as the fans are called, can see another film, out in 2008, or watch Star Trek webisodes online.

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