ПЛИЗ Speak about one of thes

ПЛИЗ Speak about one of thes

  • Показан перевод для запроса Speak about one of these. The tower of London ancient castle buildings on its territory strongstone walls the White Tower palace, fortress, prison, zoo, museuminteresting tradition black ravens strong, powerful, and successfulИскать вместо этого перевод для Speak about one of thes .The tower of Londonancient castlebuildings on its territorystrong stone wallsthe White Towerpalace, fortress, prison, zoo, museuminteresting tradition black ravensstrong, powerful, and successful Говорят об одном из них.
    Башня Лондона
    Старинный замок
    здания на его территории
    сильные каменные стены
    Белая Башня
    дворец, крепость, тюрьма, зоопарк, музей
    интересная традиция
    черные вороны
    сильная, мощная, и успешным

    перевожу не очень!

  • London is the capital of GB. This city is very big and beautiful and there are a lot of parks, museums, interesting things. Today I want to tell you about one of this.
    The English museum comes from the Latin word, and is pluralized as "museum". Its originally from the Ancient Greek which denotes a place or temple dedicated to the Muses (the patron divinities in Greek mythology of the arts), and hence a building set apart for study and the arts.
    I really like museums and I wish I was in London museum now. 🙂
Внимание, только СЕГОДНЯ!

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